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SIT Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the 2016-17 School Year

September SIT Minutes

SIT Summer Meeting

September 14th, 2016

Representatives Present: Penley, Bustle, Cannon, Speer, Froyd, Silva, Lawing, Hayman, Crider, Porter, Bradshaw, Gargis,

Parent Reps- Lisa Walker (Grade 10 Rep.), Lisa Graff (Grade 12 Rep.).

Speer- 2 Concerns

Concern #1- With the extended Hrs, 1st and 2nd periods is losing time. Is there a way to balance the time amongst all 4 class periods?

  • Possibly Consideration- Adjusting the schedule to add 10 minutes to 1st and 2nd periods and starting lunches later, 11:20.
  • Possibly consider this schedule for 2nd semester.  
  • Old Focus schedule had a balance amongst 1, 3, 4 periods.
  • Need to consider future plans for 5th block and how this would impact the schedules.
  • Keep in mind future dodgeball games, fundraisers during 4th period and how this will impact 4th period classes.
  • Are we maximizing the time we do have? During review days prior to exams, are we utilizing the time we have to the fullest?

Motion to Table this concern to give time to explore future remediation schedules- Froyd

Motion Passed.

Bustle- Remediation/Enrichment Period between 1st and 2nd Periods ( last 10 days of this semester and/or spring semester)

  • Introduced Mrs. Cheryl Rhea- Formerly at Hickory High. Shared experience with Smart Lunch.
  • Handout with Schedule that was used at HHS was passed out.
  • Explained what Smart Lunch looked like at HHS.
  • Smart Lunch- Challenges- Supervision Responsibilities, Custodian Responsibilities, Tracking Students, How to locate students for sign-outs and emergencies. Safety concerns.
  • Is the “Juice worth the Squeeze?” How much growth or improvement did you experience with the implementation of Smart Lunch?  
    • Grades improved. Couldn’t speak if there was an improvement with attendance.
  • Bustle shared a sample remediation/enrichment schedule for the last 10 days of the semester.  We are committing last 10 days to a remediation schedule. (Need feedback from departments, do we want 10 full days or Tuesday/Thursday only.)
    • Couple things to consider; Who assigns remediation? If teachers assign students, how do we ensure that the appropriate student information is shared in a timely manner?
    • Need input from Departments by October SIT meeting.
  • Penley- consider taking a group to tour schools that have a Smart Lunch implemented. See what it looks like in person.

Concern #2- Honors Expectations that are given to students and parents. Concerns- Students not able to retake a test or receive student guides.

  • Gargis- Suggestions- Allow students to remediate and retest to improve. Is the current Honors Standards consistently being followed? No.
  • Do we need to look at adjusting standards?
    • Departments need to review the Honors Standards and develop potential changes or adjustments that may be needed.
    • The current Honors Standards were developed many many years ago. Not sure on how long ago. The point is, does the current Honors Standards reflect what our current students need to be successful in class.

Motion- Take this concern back to departments and get input. Share out in next SIT meeting.

Porter- EC department is in the process of making some adjustments. EC teacher schedules are changing, not students.

Penley- PLC minutes are coming in. Thank you. They look good so far. Please use this time to work on problems, share ideas to improve, look at data, etc.

  • 3rd Wednesday- will make a decision about the upcoming 3rd Wednesday by the end of the week. May need to look at the next set of slides on the Instructional Core Framework.
  • Standards need to be posted on the board. Learning targets should be posted that also support the standards. District and School level expectation and they are being looked at during walk throughs and observations.
  • PEP- At 5 unexcused absences or a student making a D or F, need a PEP. Please make the contact with parents/guardians.
  • Webpages and Voicemails need to be updated.  
No meeting February 2014