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Read through the steps below concerning the end of year procedures for underclassmen.


Underclassmen Technology Drop Off - Please use the Sign UP Genius Page link to select a time to return your technology, textbooks, and any other items you need to get back to the school.

Lockers - When you return your technology and other materials to the high school you will have an opportunity to clean out your locker. Please take the lock home with you to use again next year. 

Other Items - If you have personal items in classrooms, please contact that teacher to let them know. They will either place the item outside the office or make other arrangements with you to retrieve your belongings. 

Yearbooks - Yearbooks are “tentatively” scheduled to arrive at NCHS on Thursday, May 21st and we are in the planning stages for pick up.  You will be able to pick up or purchase yearbooks as you return your technology. Purchase price is $80. Checks should be made out to NCHS.


Because of the COVID-19 state grading policy for Spring 2020, students and families have a choice in the way they want their student's grade to be reported on the Spring 2020 Report Card. Please read through the options below and talk about which choice is best for your student in "each" of his/her classes. An option must be selected for each individual class.  If you are not sure, please take some time to ask questions to your student's teachers, school counselor, or school administration. The family will ultimately be in charge of making the final decision and submitting this form to reflect their choice.


On Monday, May 18, you will receive an email from your individual teachers to request which  grading option you would like to choose for each class.


UNDERCLASSMEN (9th - 11th) Grade choices:                                                    

Option 1- Students can take the grade they had as of March 12 (end of 3rd 9 weeks).  Example: If a student had an 85 at this time they could take this grade for their overall grade for the class.  Note: If students select to take this option then their grade "would" be calculated in their GPA. 

Option 2- Students can continue to work on class material through the Remote Learning process and take the EOY overall grade.  Example: If a student had an 85 on March 12 but wanted to continue to work through the "Remote Learning" platform in an attempt to raise their grade to be higher than an 85 then they could do so.  At the end of the Semester if the student did raise their grade then the student could choose to take that higher grade for the class. Note: If a student selects to take this option then their grade "would" be calculated in their GPA.

Option 3 -  If a student was passing the class as of March 12 with a 60% average then they can take a "PC19" for the class.  This means that the student had a 60% average at the end of the 3rd 9 Weeks and would like to take a "P" (Pass) for the class.  Note: If a student selects this option then they will receive credit for the class but it will not be factored into their GPA. 

Option 4 - Students who were not passing at the end of face-to-face instruction on March 12, nor are they passing at the end of the semester would receive a "WC19".  This means that the student would be "withdrawn" from the class and would need to "Credit Recover" the class or the student would need to retake the course moving forward (providing the class is required for graduation).  If the class is not required for graduation or is not a required elective then the student would simply receive the "WC19" and nothing else would need to be done in regards to this class.  Note: If a student selects to take this option then nothing would be calculated into their GPA.  

CCP/CVCC students have been contacted about grading procedures. You are deciding which option you want to appear on your high school transcript only. You will be contacted by Mrs. Swagger once CVCC grades are released. 

GPA CALCULATOR link or use this bitly address