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Due to the unforeseen and impending weather forecasted for Wednesday, Red Devil Students and Parents, please pay close attention to very important information concerning updated exam schedules for N-CHS beginning tomorrow.

Tuesday 2nd period E.O.C. and CTE exams, and Wednesday 3rd period E.O.C. and CTE exams, will now be given tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15th. If your student has both a 2nd and 3rd Period E.O.C. and/or CTE exam, they will take the 2nd period exam tomorrow and the 3rd period exam will be given on Friday, December 18th during make-ups. If your student does NOT have a 2nd or 3rd period E.O.C. or CTE exam, they are exempt from school tomorrow.

Buses will be running for ALL Group A and Group B students tomorrow. If your student plans to leave once testing is completed at 1:00pm, please make sure they have a signed parent permission slip turned into the front office first thing in the morning. No emails or phone calls will be accepted after testing begins. Students cannot leave testing sessions until all testing has been completed throughout the building.

If you have any questions, please contact N-CHS, your student's teacher. We apologize for the late inconvenience, but felt it necessary to be proactive in the event of weather. We hope you have a great evening, get rest, and we will see our Red Devils in the morning for 2nd and 3rd Period E.O.C. and CTE exams.
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Exams 12/14

Red Devil Students and Parents, End of Course and Career Technical Education exams will begin Monday morning. Students who are enrolled in an English 2 course 1st Period, or certain CTE courses, will test Monday, December 14th. Students are asked to arrive no later than 7:30am with their fully charged Chromebooks and cords. Students will be socially distanced in testing sessions and will be asked to wear a mask through the duration of the test. ALL students, regardless of Group A, Group B, or remote, will be required to attend these mandatory testing sessions.

Upon completion of the morning testing session, students who do not have a scheduled EOC or CTE exam for 2nd period may be dismissed for the day WITH a signed parent note. Permission slips were given out to students this past week. These MUST be turned into the front office upon arrival. Phone calls and emails will NOT be accepted. If students did not pick up a permission form, please find a copy on our webpage or send in a handwritten and signed note from parents. If students have a 2nd Period EOC or CTE exam, a review session will be offered for those classes in the after lunch session.

Students, please see your student email and Canvas course pages for important information concerning operating your Chromebook while kiosk testing mode. Beginning Sunday, December 13th at 6:00pm, all N-CHS Chromebooks will lock into testing mode. Instructions on how to bypass this to access course materials can be found on your Canvas page and student email. This can be used throughout exam week to access course pages and study materials.

Lastly, parents please see our Facebook and webpage (or attached below) for an important survey concerning your instructional choice for the Spring semester. You will ONLY need to complete this survey IF you are wanting to change the way your student attends at this time. This needs to be completed by Friday, December 18th for Spring semester planning.

As always, please contact N-CHS with any questions you may have. First Period English 2 and CTE students with exams Monday morning, please get a good nights sleep and arrive by 7:30am. We hope you have a great evening....and GO RED DEVILS!

Kiosk Mode Bypass:
While the Chromebook is starting ​up​, ​press​ Ctrl + Alt + s. ​Kiosk mode will​ turn ​off​, and the regular sign-in screen ​will​ show. You will need to press Ctrl + Alt + s ​over and over again initially​ when you first see the white startup screen to cut the Kiosk mode off. If this doesn't work the first time, you will need to cut the Chromebook off and try
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Important Weekly Information 12/7

Red Devil Parents. there are two very important pieces of information we need to get to you.

Reminder for students who have EOC and/or CTE exams next week as it pertains to busing:

If you currently ride a bus, your driver will be communicating with you this week concerning pickup times during exams. We will be busing ALL students every day, regardless of Group A or Group B. Students will ONLY need to ride/attend on the days they have scheduled EOC or CTE exams. If you are currently a remote student needing bus transportation during exams, you will need to notify the school BEFORE Thursday, December 10th, to make arrangements.

The EOC exam schedule follows their normal class schedule: Monday - 1st Period, Tuesday - 2nd Period, Wednesday - 3rd Period, Thursday - 4th Period. We will be offering review in the afternoon sessions for the next day's exams. Monday will be 2nd Period EOC/CTE review in the afternoon, Tuesday will be 3rd Period review, and Wednesday 4th Period review.

Remember those courses testing are English 2, Math 1, Math 3, and Biology. These are the ONLY courses that will need to attend. If your student takes a CTE course, please have them check in with their teacher, or Mr. Palozzi, to know if their course requires an exam.

If you are a student driver or a car rider, and do not have an EOC or CTE exam the following morning, and therefore do not need to stay for a review session, you may be excused after the testing session ends in the morning. Students will need to provide a note to the front office first thing upon arrival for this request to be granted. Phone calls and emails will not be accepted during or after the testing session ends.

Lastly, parents please see below for an important survey concerning your instructional choice for the Spring semester. You will ONLY need to complete this survey IF you are wanting to change the way your student attends at this time. For example, if your student is presently hybrid, but would like to go remote for the Spring semester, you will need to complete the survey.

As always, please contact NCHS with any questions you may have. We hope you have a great evening....and GO RED DEVILS!
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Announcements 12/6

Red Devil Families, here is important information concerning upcoming events for N-CHS as we close out this semester.

First off, makeup school pictures for our Group B students will be taken on Thursday, December 10th. Please be sure to come dressed to impress on that day!

Next, in order to prepare both you and your family, End of Course exams will take place during the week of December 14th through December 17th. If your student is enrolled in Math 1, Math 3, Biology or English 2, as well as any Career and Technical Education courses, they will be required to attend and participate during this week. This includes all hybrid and remote students. The schedule will be as follows: Monday - all 1st period exams, Tuesday - all 2nd period exams, Wednesday - all 3rd period exams, and Thursday - all 4th period exams. Students will be socially distanced and will be required to wear a mask during the testing session. If your student does NOT have any End of Course or Career Technical Education courses, please have them check in with their teachers to see what requirements will be expected. Friday, December 18th will be used as a makeup day. More information will be coming from the school and your student's teachers. Please continue to check back here for any new information that may arise.

We look forward to seeing our students one last week before exams. Students, please work hard and finish the semester strong. We hope you have a great evening, and GO RED DEVILS!
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Lady Red Devils Basketball

FYI Lady Red Devils:

Women's Basketball will start on Monday 12/7. Practice will be every evening from 5-7pm. You will need a current physical to tryout. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience is required! Please email or call Dr. Sylvia White with any questions you may have (828) 464-3191
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Drivers Education Announcement

There will be a new Drivers Education Course that will begin in December. Students must be 14.5 years of age by December 8th. You need to sign-up through the link in this email. You will need to pick up a Restricted Instruction Permit in the main office@NCHS. This form needs to be completed with parent's signature and you will need to attend an eye check either Tuesday, December 8th, or Wednesday, December 9th. The eye checks will be done at NCHS and it will begin at 3:00. Students must sign-up for the class and have eyes checked to be enrolled in the course.

Sign-up link:
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Weekly Announcements 11/29

Red Devil Families: We hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful and restful break celebrating Thanksgiving. School will reopen tomorrow on our normal weekly schedule with our Group A, Group B, and Remote students.

Students, please be sure to check your N-CHS email tonight. There may be important and time sensitive testing information for some of you. Please follow the instructions on the email message if this pertains to you.

N-CHS will be participating in athletics this week. Parents please be sure to direct yourselves and any family that may be interested to our Athletics website for streaming information.

We look forward to another productive week with our students. We hope you have a blessed evening, and as always, GO RED DEVILS!
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Just a reminder Red Devil Families, in order to celebrate Thanksgiving, NCHS will be closed Wednesday through Friday of this week. We hope you have a blessed and restful break. We are so thankful for our students and their families! Stay safe!
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