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Student Services » Creating Your Class Registration

Creating Your Class Registration

In the Spring of each school year, you will be asked to choose classes for your next school year.  There are many steps to this process and important things to remember.  So this page will provide resources for you to complete your class registration. 


The documents below are a planning tool for you to use to consider all the class choices you get to make.  Please choose the grade level document that will you will be next year.  Ex.  If you are a current 9th grader, passing all or most of your classes, then you would choose the 10th-grade registration form.  
Click below to make yourself a copy:

9th Grade Registration Form

10th Grade Registration Form 

11th Grade Registration Form 

12th Grade Registration Form 


To learn more about the classes you have to choose from, there are a few ways to get the information you need. 
1.  You can read about the classes available and the descriptions in the Registration Guide provided here.
Registration Guide
Quick Reference
NCHS Course Information p. 26
The Summit Information  p. 6
NC Virtual Public High School
Class Information p.11
CVCC Course Information p. 16
2.  You can talk to your counselor, ask your teachers and other students about the classes you are considering. 
To request an appointment with your counselor, please contact:

Nicole Canter

Administrative Assistant

Phone: (ext. 1610)


Let here know which counselor that you need to meet with as well. 

Tammy Hayman
Serves Last Names: A-L
Lorraine Swagger 
Serves Last Names: M-Z

For Career and Technical courses offered at NCHS, here is the list of 2021-2022 Course Offerings:

Adobe Visual Design: Grades 9-12

Adobe Visual Design (Honors): Grades 9-12

Adobe Video Design: Grades 10-12

Adobe Video Design (Honors): Grades 10-12

Advanced Manufacturing I (Honors): Grades 9-12

Advanced Manufacturing II (Honors): Grades 10-12

Career Management: Grades 9-12

Career Management (Honors): Grades 9-12

Construction Core: Grades 9-12

Carpentry I: Grades 10-12

Carpentry II (Honors): Grades 10-12

Carpentry III (Honors): Grades 10-12

Masonry I (Honors): Grades 9-12

Masonry II: Grades 10-12

Drafting I: Grades 10-12

Drafting II Architectural (Honors): Grades 10-12

Drafting II Engineering (Honors): Grades 10-12

Drafting III Architectural (Honors): Grades 11-12

Foundations of Health Science: Grades 9-10

Foundations of Health Science (Honors): Grades 9-10

 Health Science I: Grades 10-12

Health Science I (Honors): Grades 10-12

Health Science II: Grades 11-12

Health Science II (Honors): Grades 11-12

Nursing Fundamentals & Practicum (Honors): Grade 12

Interior Design Fundamentals: Grades 9-12

Interior Design Studio (Honors): Grades 10-12

Principles of Family and Human Services: Grades 9-12

Food and Nutrition I: Grades 9-12

Food and Nutrition II: Grades 10-12

Apparel and Textile Production II: Grades 10-12

Microsoft Excel (Honors): Grades 10-12

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint: Grades 9-12

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint (Honors): Grades 9-12

Introduction to Computer Science: Grades 9-12

Sports and Entertainment Marketing I: Grades 9-12

Sports & Entertainment Mkt II (Honors): Grades 9-12

CTE Internship (Honors): Grade 12

CTE Apprenticeship (Honors): Grade 12

CTE Advanced Studies: Grades 11-12

CTE Advanced Studies (Honors): Grades 11-12


Do you have questions specific to Career & Technical Education (CTE) class offering? 

Contact information below: 
All General CTE Questions: 
Angelo Palozzi
Curriculum & Instructional Management Coordinator
Phone: (ext. 1310) 
Matt Wilkinson
Career Development Coordinator (CDC)
Phone: (ext. 1603)



Class Registration will be available to students in PowerSchool starting March 16th.


Counselors will be assisting all HYBRID students

March 16th – 18th  8:00-3:00


REMOTE students can stop by the Media Center

Friday March 19th, 8:00-12:00.



To enter your courses for 2021-2022 in PowerSchool:


Step 1: Log in to PowerSchool

Step 2: Click Class Registration on the left

Step 3: Click the pencil icon on the right in each subject area

Step 4: Choose 8 courses and 4 alternatives

Step 5: Click the blue SUBMIT button on the bottom right

Step 6: Let us know you have completed Class Registration by completing this form


Interested in CVCC Courses ??


Click here to schedule an appointment with the CVCC Scholar Advisor.

If you do not meet with the scholar advisor, you will not be registered for a CVCC course.