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Email:          Phone: 828-465-0920 ext. 1201        Room: 201
    Fall 2019
    1st   Drafting 1
    2nd  Drafting 2
    3rd  Career Management
    4th  Planning
    Spring 2020
    1st   Drafting 1
    2nd  Career Management
    3rd  Career Management
    4th  Planning
Welcome to Drafting! My name is Steve Brucker and, while continuing a 25-year career as a professional architect, I teach the Drafting classes at NCHS. I am a proud graduate of Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in Design and a Master of Architecture degree. I enjoy reading books (made of paper), travel (especially to national parks) and cheering on my Clemson Tigers.
Drafting involves Creativity, Communication and Critical Thinking while also being a 21st Century Skill. When combined with Architecture, it becomes an art and a science while also being rigorous and relevant…
   Art: it involves materials, colors, form, scale and proportion
   Science: it is concerned with ecology, chemistry, materials, gravity and weather
   Rigorous: it incorporates language, math, history, health and safety
   Relevant: it surrounds us as we use our homes, schools, offices, stores, hospitals, etc.
No other profession includes all this and spans thousands of years from the Pyramids to the Freedom Tower!
The Drafting classes offered at NCHS include:
   Drafting 1 
   Drafting 2 - Residential Architecture (Honors)
   Drafting 3 - Residential Architecture (Honors)
By completing these classes a student will be well-prepared to begin a college major in Architecture, Landscape Architecture or Engineering . . . or to enter the workforce as a Computer-Aided Drafter working in these or many other professions.