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Newton-Conover High School
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My name is Greg Hardy and I teach Civics and Economics and AP Government. I graduated from Newton-Conover High School in 2000 and Wheaton College in 2004. I was a college football coach before beginning my teaching career here at NCHS in 2008. I love my job and really enjoy working with young people.
I am available for tutoring on Tuesday afternoon. My email is
The school phone number is 828-465-0920. 

Here is my schedule:
1st: Planning
2nd: Honors Civics and Economics
3rd: Civics and Economics
4th: Honors Civics and Economics

Class Guidelines

In addition to your compliance with all school policies and regulations, you are expected to follow these guidelines:

  1. Be respectful to everyone.
  2. Be prepared—pencil, notebook, textbook, attitude.
  3. One person talks at a time.
  4. All language must be positive and constructive.
  5. Give your best effort on everything you do.

Rule Violations

Failure to comply with classroom guidelines results in consequences appropriate to the severity of violation. These include:

A warning issued to the student
Conference with the student after school
Teacher assigned detention
Telephone call to parent/guardian
Office referral

**Major offenses will be handled immediately**

Here are some videos that will help you understand how my class operates

Introduction Video

Class Expectations

How to use Canvas


If you would like to request a meeting with me, please email me ( and fill out this form: Link