NCHS Bus information

Policy Code: 6300 Goals of Student Transportation Services

The board will provide school transportation services for eligible students consistent with the attached goals.

Policy Code: 6305 Safety and Student Transportation Services

Safety is of paramount concern in providing student transportation services.  The board recognizes that providing safe transportation requires the cooperation of students, parents, volunteers, personnel, and other governmental agencies.  The superintendent or designee and all principals shall make reasonable efforts to inform affected individuals or entities about safety issues and monitor compliance with legal requirements and this policy.

Policy Code: 6315 Drivers

Safety is of paramount concern in the transportation of students and others.  Consistent with the board’s safety goals, all drivers involved in transporting students or operating any vehicle in the course of carrying out their employment duties must comply with the following board requirements, as applicable.

Policy Code: 6320 Use of Student Transportation Services

Student transportation services will be made available in a manner consistent with the board goals set out in policy 6300, Goals of Student Transportation Services. 

Policy Code: 6321 Bus Routes

The superintendent or designee shall develop school bus routes in accordance with state law and regulations.  All bus routes will be kept on file in the superintendent’s office, and all changes will be filed within 10 days after such change becomes effective. 

Students will be assigned to a bus that passes within one mile of the student’s residence.  To the extent practicable and economically feasible, ride time should be less than 45 minutes one way.

Parents will be informed of students’ scheduled school bus arrival times.  It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that a student is present at a bus stop prior to the scheduled arrival time.